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The truth is that few people are awarded Social Security on their first try. However, a high percentage of people who are turned down initially will be awarded Social Security later, if they obtain a lawyer.

When you initially apply for Social Security you must meet a listed impairment. For example, the loss of a limb is not enough to meet a listing. It takes the loss of or loss of use of two limbs to meet that particular listing. A lawyer can help you obtain Social Security by showing that you meet a grid which takes many factors into consideration to determine if you are disabled.

Many people give up after being turned down initially believing they don't deserve it. Don't give up now! We know how to get you social security disability. You are at the point when you have a chance to win your Social Security Disability.

A combination of several factors are used to determine your disability. These factors include:
1. Nature of injury or injuries
2. Limitations on your ability to work
3. Education level
4. Work history
5. Vocational training
6. Special skills
7. Age

Age is an important factor as it determines how long you will be on Social Security Disability and the government will have to pay. The younger you are, the harder it is to obtain Social Security. Individuals age 50 and older have a good chance at obtaining Social Security Disability. A person under the age of 50 must meet a listing or be unable to hold any job.

Obtaining Social Security is different for each person so it is important to have a lawyer guide you through the process. At Al Miller Law Offices your first appointment is FREE so call us at 270-754-5502 for an appointment. If you decide to hire us, you will not pay your attorney's fees until you win your claim. Court costs and case expenses are the responsiblity of the client only if we win or settle the case.


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