A Deed is similar to a bill of sale. It shows that someone has sold land to someone else. A Deed should be recorded at the County Clerk's Office in the courthouse promptly. This is to protect your ownership of the property.

For us to create a deed for you, we need the following:

  1. Seller(s) name and address. We also require the seller's social security number.
  2. Buyer(s) name and address.
  3. The previous deed which includes a property description. This deed should show the Deed Book and Page Number where it was recorded.
  4. Purchase price.
  5. Value of property.
  6. A plat or survey description if you are selling part of the property.

A Deed is only a bill of sale and does not guarantee ownership except to the extent of the financial ability of the seller.


A Title Search is a check of the documents recorded in the County Clerk's Office to determine if there are any that affect the title of the property. Examples include mortgages, unreleased liens, unpaid tax liens, and other assessments against the property. Before a bank will lend money on real property, it requires a title search. Would you be less prudent with your hard earned money than a bank is with its money.

We recommend a title search each time you purchase real property. Most banks and lenders will let our office perform the title search if you request us. We can do it for approximately the same price as the bank's lawyer. By asking for us, you develop a relationship with a lawyer which may become useful in the future.

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