How does the bankruptcy process work?

  1. CALL 270-754-5502.
    • Call for your FREE first appointment. It is confidential and there is no obligation to file bankruptcy.
    • There are no papers to bring or fill out before your appointment.
    • We often have same or next day appointments. We will do our best to accomodate your schedule.

    • In your first appointment, we will explain to you how bankruptcy works in general and how it will specifically apply to you.
    • We will also discuss options for how you can pay for the bankruptcy.
    • At the end, you will be given a packet of questions to fill out and return to us if you decide to file bankruptcy. You are under no obligation to file bankruptcy if you talk with us.

  3. RETURN COMPLETED PACKET(no appointment necessary)
    • When you are ready to return your papers, you must have at least the minimum payment to start.

      Court Costs/Filing Fees: $209
      Attorney fees: Please call 270-754-5502 for current prices.
      Minimum to Start: Please call 270-754-5502 for minimum.

    • You do not need to make an appointment to return the papers, but allow 30 minutes for us to go over the packet with you.
    • It is important to fill out the papers to the best of your ability because we prepare your bankruptcy from this. We realize that some questions may be difficult but all are necessary. If you have any questions or do not understand something, then please call us. We are more than glad to help you.
    • After we go over your papers with you, we will make an appointment for you to return and sign your bankruptcy petition.

    • It typically takes a couple days for us to complete the petition.
    • Once you sign your petition, we electronically file your bankruptcy with the court that day.
    • At this point your bankruptcy begins and you are entitled to all the benefits of bankruptcy.

    • Within 10 days of the filing, you will receive a letter letting you know when your court meeting is. YOU MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING OR YOUR BANKRUPTCY WILL BE DISMISSED. Our office has no control over this date and cannot change it.
    • The meeting is very brief and you will mostly likely only be asked a couple very simple questions.

  6. Sixty (60) days after your 341 meeting, your bankruptcy will be complete.
At Al Miller Law Offices your first appointment is FREE so call us at 270-754-5502 for an appointment.

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