1. Automatic stay. Once your bankruptcy is filed with the court, there is an automatic stay that goes into effect. This means that none of your creditors can contact you or try to collect from you. They cannot call you, write you, repossess property, or foreclose on your house without first getting court approval or going through our office.

  2. Stop creditors' phone calls. Because of the automatic stay, creditors are not allowed to contact you by phone, mail, or otherwise collect the debt.

  3. Save property not yet foreclosed or repossessed. If your house is about to be foreclosed because your payments are behind, by filing a Chapter 13 we can stop the foreclosure if you have the ability to make payments on your house. The same can be done for a car. However once your property has been repossessed, the only thing that can be done is get rid of the debt.

  4. Surrender property you don't want to pay for. If you have secured property such as a home or car that you no longer want or can pay for you can surrender that property to the creditor. You will not be responsible for paying that debt.

  5. Stop wage garnishments and maybe get money back. By filing bankruptcy, we are able to stop any wage garnishments or other garnishments you have. If a certain amount of money has been garnished, we may be able to get some money back for you.

  6. Stop lawsuits. If a creditor has filed a lawsuit against you, we can stop any further action through the lawsuit.

  7. Chance to rebuild credit. Chances are if you are thinking about bankruptcy your credit is already suffering and will continue to do so. By filing bankruptcy you get rid of your debt and begin to build credit rather than continue to struggle with paying bills and getting further behind.

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